About Us


Shilpa Overseas Pvt. Ltd. based out of Kolkata was established in 1992, we are a well-established Export House recognized by the Government of India and have earned Quality Certificates from BSCI and BSI. We have worked with customers around the world and developed goodwill and trust. We have 3 factories in Kolkata with capacity of 100,000bags & 500,000 wallets per year. We are an organization, which is based on values of teamwork. By practicing good work ethics, we have been successful in developing and maintaining friendly work relations with members of our company. This helps us in building a chain of command based on respect and trust. Our employees tend to give their best to fulfil newer more innovative goals. 

Mission and Vision



Providing quality products at a fair price, with a highly versatile and flexible product range with a focus on technical innovation and improved craftsmanship.


To acquire and maintain global leadership position in leather business and continuously create new opportunities for growth in our strategic business.



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